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If you want semi-permanent, fuller looking eyebrows without going through the trouble of tattooing, this is the procedure for you! Tiny needles are used to draw tiny hair like strokes by depositing pigment under the skin for natural-looking, full eyebrows.

Eyelash Extentions

Semi-permanent fibers are attached carefully to natural eyelashes, to create a fuller, darker and longer eyelashes. The fibers are placed carefully and individually on to individual eyelashes with a skin-safe glue to ensure long stay and a skin-friendly, realistic lash fringe.

TCA Peels

A noninvasive type of skin treatment, which uses a combination of nontoxic acid ingredients to exfoliate the skin. This treatment would leave your skin looking fresher, brighter, smoother and wrinkle free!


This is a 15-minute, non-surgical treatment that destroys fat cells in a way that they are later removed from the body naturally and effortlessly.
*Depending on the area and fat accumulation, you may or may not need several sittings.

Makeup Artist

Sana Bashir

Our founder, Sana Bashir, opened Sana’s doors in 2015, with an experience of over a decade and the determination to do what she loves.
“Makeup is something that I love and enjoy, and I have always been the one to give makeovers to my sisters and friends. Eventually, it became more of a passion than a habit. Sana’s Beauty Studio is my attempt to achieving my dream.
I hope to make each and everyone’s visit a treat; just as euphoric and blissful as this experience is to me.”

This is my go-to Salon! Excellent service every time! And the owner is super nice too!


I had the greatest facial I’ve ever received and my eyebrows threaded. So much detail and patience were given to my face. Not very expensive.

Kendra Johnson

Flawless work. Professional staff. Calming atmosphere. Great experience. Highly recommend!


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